The maximum capacity of Welcome Inn and its corresponding night-shelters is set at 30 adults.
Guest entry must occur via the day center.
Guests who attempt to enter the system via the overnight shelter will not be permitted entry.
NOTE TO ALL GUESTS:  This year, we WILL NOT be operating in a 'low-barrier' capacity meaning that registered guests WILL NOT be permitted to 'come and go' at either the day-center or night-shelters.
Guests that leave the facility (day or night) for unverified reasons will be discharged from the program.
This season, all guests must:
  • comply with social-distancing requirements
  • wear masks at all times other than when seated
  • comply with frequent daily temperature tests 
  • receive weekly COVID-19 tests (administered onsite by the Oakland Co. Health Dept.)
  • agree to participate with contact tracing when applicable
  • agree to actively avoid exposure with unregistered guests when not at the facility
Pre-Registration is available. Please contact us at WelcomeInnSOCH@gmail for more information.
On Monday, December 14, pre-registered guests with a current (within 48hrs) NEGATIVE COVID-19 test will receive priority entrance from 7am-12pm. Pre-registered guests who arrive later than noon or without a negative COVID-19 test will lose their pre-registered status and have no guaranty of entry.
A 'wait-list' will be established once capacity is reached.

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