Welcome Inn and its corresponding night shelters are for homeless adults only (18+).
Guests must present a NEGATIVE COVID-19 Test that is NOT more than 24hrs old prior to entry.
For locations providing free rapid testing, call 248-850-3219.

Updated: Thursday 01/21/2021

Men:  1 
Women:  2 
Entry must occur via the day center.
Guest entry via the overnight shelter is not be permitted.
NOTE:  This year, we WILL NOT be operating in a 'low-barrier' capacity meaning that guests WILL NOT be permitted to 'come and go' at either the day-center or night-shelters.
Guests that leave the facility (day or night) for unverified reasons will be discharged from the program.
This season, guests must:
  • comply with social-distancing requirements
  • wear masks at all times other than when eating/drinking
  • comply with frequent daily temperature tests
  • receive weekly COVID-19 tests (administered onsite by the Oakland Co. Health Dept.)
  • participate with contact tracing when applicable
  • actively avoid exposure with unregistered guests
Call with questions: 248.850.3219 (7am - 7pm)

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