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Every Tuesday until November 28, Welcome Inn is open from 9am-2pm providing walk-in services that include; breakfast and lunch, clothing / hygiene supplies, case-management services, medical care, etc.

We are in need of lunchtime volunteers to:

  • Provide, prepare and serve lunch, or

  • Provide lunch to be served by others, or

  • Prepare and serve lunch that's already onsite

Each week we're averageing 20 folks who attend and dine with us and like to provide:

  • main dish (sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, stew, etc.)

  • appropriate sides (chips, coleslaw, potato salad, fruit salad, etc.)

  • beverages (lemonage or soda - no red beverages)

  • dessert (not necessary but always a nice addition)

Serving Lunch: The volunteer time-block allows for the ability to prepare, serve, eat (if you're hungry) and clean up afterwards. Some lunches will be prepared onsite from a menu determined by our Program Manager while other meals will be provided by donors and arrive pre-prepared.

Providing Lunch: Our guests like to eat at about noon. If you're bringing in warm food, please deliver it by 11:00am so that we can ensure it's reheated to required temps prior to serving. If it's precooked but cold, pleast try to have it to us by 10:30am.

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