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Open December 4, 2023  
Services Offered

Shelter from the Cold

Low-barrier means that Welcome Inn accepts guests exactly as they are.  More specifically, aside from rules that ensure the safety of other guests, volunteers and staff, Welcome Inn places few stipulations on its guests that would otherwise restrict their access when no other options are available.

Welcome Inn also works with a group of churches that provide overnight accommodations for guests.  These churches are also low-barrier so that 24-hour sheltering is available at a time of year when the denial of care, for some, would result in dire consequences.


Warm and Nutritious Meals

Welcome Inn provides warm and nutritious meals that are prepared and served onsite, 3 times daily.  On average, Welcome Inn volunteers serve over 10,000 meals every season.

Case Management & Health Care

With an onsite social-worker, Welcome Inn is able to connect guests to available resources and, when necessary, help guest prepare to meet the qualifications of higher-level service providers.

Welcome Inn guests also have access to volunteer nurses who provide onsite basic health-screenings and referrals to alternate healthcare providers when necessary. 


Collaborative Care

Though most guest don't qualify for higher-level services, Welcome Inn works actively with other area service providers in an effort to reach those who do.  Collaborative partners include but aren't limited to: Community Housing Network, Oakland University School of Nursing, HOPE Warming Center, SOS/Lighthouse, and the Veteran's Administrations.

All collaborative partners are provided access to private meeting spaces so that they may effectively address the variety of needs our guests possess.

Clothes & Hygiene Care

We clothe hundreds of men and women each season via an onsite clothing closet that is stocked with donated items.  And with the help of volunteer barbers, and facilitated trips to showers (YMCA) and laundromats, guests have regular access to the dignity of a hot shower, fresh haircut, and clean clothing.


Spiritual Care

With the help of volunteers from a variety of denominations, guests have access to services that promote their spiritual wellness.  Be it via guided study, open discussions, or education about the beliefs of others, guests at Welcome Inn receive care designed to meet them at every level of need.

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